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15 Taustvalgustusega vaateakna ekraani A3 | LED Valguskast

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Real Estate Agent Illuminated Window Display Set

Attract more customers like never before to your real estate office with these LED window displays. We know how competitive the real estate market is. It is hard for you to stand out from competitors and moreover from attractive internet web sites.

Here is the only solution which actually works!

Set of FIFTEEN (15) Window Displays for 3 Columns – All accessories included:

  • 15 Displays: 11 x 17 in / A3 (29.7×42 cm) format (double-sided and hybrid display: vertical or horizontal)
  • 2 Rails (hanging display system from ceiling or wall)
  • 3 Pairs of cables and fixing parts (to suspend displays from rail)
  • Power cord with connectors (connects rail to power converter)
  • Power Converter 110V/220V  to 24V

If you need another set not available on our website, click here to contact us. Let us know how many columns, rows and size (8.5×11, 11×17,…).

Real estate signs

Thousands of customers across the world have now amazing business results thanks to the led display signs. Much more passers-by will look at your business, come into your office and request information. Increasing your quality leads files. More illuminated backlit signs you set up in your windows, more potential customers you will catch. For best productivity, according your window size, we recommend at least 16 backlit displays per window.



  • Increase walk-in customers up to 30%
  • Turnkey solution: Includes all you need to install it anywhere
  • Fast and easy to set up in any window
  • Hybrid: Display can be set vertically or horizontally in no time
  • High brightness double-sided display, visible nights & days
  • Ultra-Low Energy Consumption, Led light
  • High impact backlit sheets for laser/inkjet office printers
  • Scalable: Add more displays while growing your business
  • Ultra slim displays: Only 0.4 in / 1cm

All you need to do is to print your “For sale” or “For rent” real estate offers on our included special backlit paper. Then insert them in your illuminated window pocket displays. We recommend you keep publishing your latest offers in order to keep attracting visitors. If you ran out of backlit paper sheets, you can order new ones on this web site.

Real estate led display

How to install it? The set includes all you need.

  • Install it by yourself, it’s very easy. No need to be an expert, we provide step by step guide.
  • Or request our installation services at additional cost. Available in some areas/cities.
  • Or contract your own electrician close by.

How to print the visual / backlit sheet?

  • Use our included backlit sheets for best brilliantly smooth appearance. => Buy our dedicated backlit paper by clicking here and print it on your laser or inkjet printer.
  • Go to a copy center
  • Outsource it to a printing company in your area which provide backlit film.

What is the sheet size for printing?

  • 8.5 x 11 / A4 frame: sheet size is 8.27×11.7 in (21×29.7 cm). We recommend you leave a margin of about 10mm all around with no text.
  • 11 x 17  / A3 frame:  sheet size is 11.7×16.5 in (29.7×42 cm). We recommend you leave a margin of about 10mm all around with no text.

Which printer to use to print on your backlit sheet?

  • Almost any laser or inkjet printer. The backlit is compatible with most printers.
  • Make sure your printer can print on 150/180 microns film (200/240g).
  • Make sure your printer is compatible with 8.5 x 11 / A4 or 11 x 17 / A3 format, most photocopiers are.

How to clean?

  • Use a dry microfiber cloth.
  • Don’t use water or spray containing alcohol.


Technical details

  • Very Thin display: Only 0.4 in / 1cm thick
  • Low voltage: 24V
  • High brightness: 6500 Lux (A4)
  • Low power consumption
  • Long Life Duration LED

NegoLuz provides innovative business displays and advertising solutions at the cutting edge of technology.
Measurements on pictures may change a little bit. All images used are for illustrative purposes and dimensions are not intended to be relied upon for, nor to form part of, any contract, they are indicatives to give you an approximative idea. NegoLuz is a registered trademark.

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